Interview with Jeffrey Lewis


Since the end of the 1990s, Jeffrey Lewis, has written and recorded more than 20 albums during his career as well as publishing numerous comic books.

The antifolk singer, whose singles include “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror”, “To Be Ojectified”and “Cult Boyfriend”, took time out from his 14 date tour in Scotland to conduct a short email interview with Slip Inside This Sound.

Armed with a sharp wit and a knack for writing clever, humouristic lyrics, we wanted to delve further into the mind of Jeffrey Lewis before his concert at L’Espace B on 23rd October as part of his European tour with his backing band, Los Bolts, which includes dates in Italy, the UK, Germany and Switzerland.


Without using the letters ‘a’, ‘m’ and ‘d' how is your mood today?

JL: Cool


How would you describe your music using a metaphor.

JL: Like dragonfruit; unfamiliar but good.



Where is the most inspiring place to write your songs and come up with ideas for your drawings?

JL: Anyplace with no people around, and no internet, and time and space. Like the little shack in Maine that I spend time in every summer, when I can. No electricity, no running water, nobody to hang out with, nothing to do but draw comics and make up songs.


Other than “orange”, what is the hardest word to rhyme with?

JL: If you listen to a lot of pop and rap you'll notice that "real" rhymes have become a thing of the past, many lyricists for the past decade or more have been into bending words, accentuating the vowels in a way that makes a word seem to rhyme with words that don't technically rhyme. So anything is possible, with cheating and with imagination.


Most rock and roll thing you’ve done between waking up and lunch time?

JL: Email interviews.


If your mind was a city, which one would it be and why?

JL: Istanbul; combination of various things, gateway between various conceptions of life.


Weirdest possession you’re proud to own?

JL: A guitar case that once belonged to the late Billy Syndrome, in fact it was even in his coffin with him when he was about to be buried. Now it's on my wall.


What would you have engraved on your tombstone?

JL: One of those parental warning stickers from 90s rap CDs.


If you were ever on a desert island, who and what would you not choose to not bring with you?

JL: I can't understand if you mean what I WOULD take, or what I would NOT take. I would take some art supplies. I would leave behind junk food.


What question do interviewers never ask you that you’d like to be asked?

JL: "What is antifolk?" Catch you later!



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Check out some of his videos below:


 Jeffrey Lewis - "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror"

Jeffrey Lewis - "Sad Screaming Old Man"