Sound of the moment - “Do You Think I’m Mad?” by Low Bats

One of the EPs that have been on our speakers a lot lately here in the Slip Inside This Sound’s offices is the latest release from Low Bats, a dream pop/shoegaze group from Lille. Upon looking for further material from the four-piece band, we came across the song, “Do You Think I’m Mad?”, released in 2015.

At under four minutes long, the band gives us a sneak preview of the dreamy soundscapes and textures that they develop even further on their EP.

The song starts off calmly as guitarist/vocalist, Julien Montois, whose vocals are tinted with a sense of nostalgia, is complemented by the melancholic guitar over the rhythm section. At the end of the second verse, the song explodes into an intense tornado of sounds and emotions to transport the listener into another dimension layered with textures reminiscent of Slowdive. 

Low Bats will be performing at Supersonic on 9th November, for more information about the band and their concert in Paris, scroll down to below after the video.