Interview with Low Bats

Photo credit: Yves Houtmann

Photo credit: Yves Houtmann

From Lille, in the north of France, Low Bats is a four-piece band which has impressed us recently with their first EP, “Seeking Love”, with its dreamy textures, shoegaze tendencies and the ethereal atmosphere. 

The band, always in constant evolution, tell us more about their sound and their will to keep on changing whilst leaving the past behind on YouTube. 

We interviewed the band before their upcoming concerts at CCL in Lille on 2nd November and at Supersonic in Paris on 9th November.


Read the original interview here in French


Introduce yourselves, what role does everyone have in the group?

Low Bats: We are four friends, Maximilien Neuts, on guitar and vocals (sometimes ;-)), Adrien Lengrand on drums (and definitely not singing!), Julien Montois on guitar and lead vocals, and finally Greg Pomar on bass (the bassist is always last). 


How, where and when did you meet?

Julien: With Adrien, we are friends since childhood, we had bands to pick up sixth-form students using songs from Maroon 5 (laughter). Afterwards, we formed a band with Mathieu Boitelle, a friend who had an unhappy childhood and we wanted to save him (laughter). We made some demos whilst drinking whisky to have fun until one day when we agreed that we were going to play them live. However, Mathieu left to study in Bordeaux.

Anyhow, the project was on standby until the day I met Max, 7am, completely wasted after a long night, and there was just the two of us playing guitar. At that moment, the band started again.

We required a bassist and a drummer, and we thought immediately of Adrien. Greg? We had met him on a swinging website. In fact, it was more through a fellow musician/friend that we met Greg but the musician's network is a bit like a swinging website, isn’t it? 


How do you create your sound?

LB: Originally, we were creating everything using Ableton Live but from now on we create almost everything in rehearsals and afterwards we demo the songs to arrange them. Anyway we have a lot more fun now that we play more music on stage.


Who are your influences?

LB: Lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop bands such as Lotus Plaza, Beach Fossils, Girls, Girls in Hawaii, Holydrug Couple, TRAAMS, Michel Sardou (laughter)


What inspires you?

LB: Drugs, women and alcohol. Every now again, misery and poverty (but that’s very rarely) (laughter)


What do you think of the music scene in Lille?

LB: It is more and more difficult to rehearse or play in Lille but there is a lot going on. We do however have some difficulties being more well known outside of Lille. We would like to mention TRANSMISSION and E.T. ALOHA BOOKING who run the Lille music scene very well and we would like to thank them for their involvement to attract some very good international independent bands. We had the possibility to perform live thanks to them for certain concerts. It is pretty classy being the opening act for Forever Pavot (well, ok, it’s a French group and from another genre) or Tracy Briant.


How did you record your first EP, “Seeking Love”? Where did you register the EP? Did you go into the studio with the songs already prepared?

LB: We registered the EP with Alain in Studio 33 near Normandy. The surroundings were very pleasant, in a converted grange far from all the urban pollution. Fortunately, we are SLIGHTLY prepared because we noticed that we weren’t (laughter). A very good experience for our first EP.


What are you feelings about the EP? Do you have any favourite moments/parts on the EP?

LB: It’s a bit too sexy and too smooth EP. We wanted to do something more rock but our lover's soul shone through ;-)

 “Cashback” works well on the EP and live, is a reflection of what we are creating at the moment.


On YouTube, we are able to also find the songs, “Do You Think I’m Mad?” and “Russian Drugs”, will they be available on a future EP or album?

LB: It is not the short term project, although we have been thinking of reworking “Russian Drugs”. To be honest, each rehearsal leads to a new improvisation/creation and we leave the past behind on YouTube.

Low Bats - "Do You Think I'm Mad?"

In your songs, you sing in English, was it something intentional? Do you see yourselves writing songs in French?

LB: To write in French, you have to be a poet to not be ridiculous but we never intended to write in French.

However, we have written a song in French which will be released in December.


Following your EP, have you started writing the next songs?

LB: Of course, our live set list mainly includes new songs. In the next few months, we will continue to create new songs with the aim of being able to choose the best tracks for an album.


Seeking Love EP (YouTube)

Concert at Supersonic (free)

Photo credit: Yves Houtmann

Photo credit: Yves Houtmann