Sound of the moment - “Colère” by Astéréotypie


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“What makes me angry is when people make fun of me” spits out Stanislas Carmont before the post-punk rhythm section and angular guitar playing burst in as the singer outlines what gets on his nerves.

Astéréotypie is not your typical rock band, but a collective consisting of Stanislas, Yohann Goetzmann, Aurélien Lobjoit and Kévin Vaquero, who met at a poetry and creative writing workshop in a medical institute in the outskirts of Paris. All four members, with an average age of 19 and diagnosed with autism, express their struggles, observations, memories, obsessions and fears through mature and moving first-hand accounts of their lives.  “Colère” is a testament to how autistic people often feel in modern society and how their surroundings affect them in everyday situations.

Stanislas doesn’t hold back when he lets out what annoys him, whether it’s actions that he can’t understand the importance of, feeling helpless at unjust situations or restraints in his daily life, but
mainly that people make fun of him for being different. Throughout the song, the anger is almost tangible, unrelentless and increases gradually before the rage, which has been possessing the singer, is unleashed as he shouts “that’s what makes me angry” repeatedly over the frenzied instrumentation.

The band released a self-produced album in 2012 with post-rock and cinematic arrangements accompanying the spoken-word texts. “Colère”, the first single from their upcoming album, “L’énergie positive des Dieux”, to be released on 27th April, gives the listener a taste of what’s to come as the collective, continue to progress and evolve both lyrically whilst the supporting musicians emphasise the universe of the four poets with their eclectic arrangements.


Astéréotypie - "Colère" (with English subtitles)