On a mild Winter Tuesday in January, Groover hosted its first ever evening for music influencers at Indeflagration’s Studio Flagrant in Paris’ fifth arrondissement.

For those who have not yet heard of Groover, it is a new music platform which was launched towards the end of 2017. The idea behind the website is to guarantee upcoming musicians to receive feedback for their creations from music blogs, journalists, editors and record labels. 

On a regular basis, a selection of songs are submitted to offer new artists allowing the possibility of the influencers to discover and eventually collaborate with the musicians. 

As well as sharing ideas and discussing our experiences, Groover announced the launch of their new blog to give further advice to musicians and to music influencers.

Since being invited to join the platform, Slip Inside This Sound has been suggested a wide range of artists and we’ll like to share two of our favourite discoveries so far:

Jordan Rossant - "Tidal Wave"


Des Roses - "H.P.S."

To find out more about Groover, go to their website here.