Partout Partout - Thursday 13th September - Alimentari

(photo credit: Laurent Khrâm Longvixay

(photo credit: Laurent Khrâm Longvixay

Having missed Partout Partout at the beginning of the year at Espace B at the second evening of the Happy Berbère Day celebrations, we won’t be missing them a second time round at Alimentari (also a new venue for us to check out). 

The instrumental guitar-drums duo released their debut EP, “Coucou”, in April of last year which showcases their ability to switch between intense and relentless math-rock stylings to the carefully-controlled post-rock soundscapes.

In their live videos on YouTube, the band are set-up in the middle of the crowd (à la Lightning Bolt) giving it their all during the performance. We are certain that Partout Partout are more than capable to set the Alimentari alight with their show on Thursday. You've been warned!