Sons of Raphael - Thursday 20th September - Supersonic (Paris 12)


Sons of Raphael are a London-based duo formed by brothers Ronnel and Loral Raphael. Having released their first EP, “A Nation of Bloodsuckers” a few days’ ago, the band are at the Supersonic in Paris for their EP release evening.  

The band had already previewed their EP with the double A-Side of “Eating People” and their guitar-driven phaser-drenched punk anthem, “Rio”, last year, with a video shot for each track. The video for “Eating People", also with distorted guitars and armed again with a drum machine, shows the band singing in Ronnel’s old high school’s church. 

However, their next single, the title track to their latest EP, takes the band in a whole new direction. Echoed acoustic guitar, organ and lap steel pushes their sound towards a mix of Spiritualized, 50s rock and dreamy soundscapes.

At their young ages (18 and 22), they have already shown a maturity well beyond their years, with the ability to switch easily between genres, whilst keeping their own unique sound. 

We’re looking forward to being at the EP release show, we wouldn’t recommend missing it. We have a feeling that these brothers could be on to something good. 

Sons of Raphael - “A Nation of Bloodsuckers”

Sons of Raphael - “Eating People”